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Beach Management Plan: emergency revetment

  • by JW

The latest cliff falls call for emergency action to be taken, including “some sort of revetment to protect the cliffs”.


The Steering Group of the BMP will be meeting this week:

Beach Management Plan: splash barrier and sea level rises

The local members of the SG would like ‘revetment’ at Pennington Point:

Beach Management Plan. Revetment, part 1

Beach Management Plan, Revetment part 2

Which would be cheaper than a £9m groyne:

Beach Management Plan: the costs of over-engineering

And safer:

Beach Management Plan: safety first

Here’s a definition of ‘revetment’:

A revetment is a facing of stone, concrete units or slabs, etc., built to protect a scarp, the foot of a cliff or a dune, a dike or a seawall against erosion by wave action, storm surge and currents.


Now with yet more cliff falls, there have been calls to put in some sort of emergency revetment from the town’s County Councillor:


Calls for action after Sidmouth cliff fall

Large chunks of the cliff at Pennington Point on the town’s East Beach gave way in two separate collapses. It is yet another cliff fall that has taken place in the area for which multi-million pound plans to protect have been developed but are short on funding for.

Cllr Stuart Hughes, has called for emergency action to be taken due to the ‘risk to life’ that the latest cliff fall, which has happened close to the steps leading onto the beach, poses.

Plans are being developed to try and protect the cliffs and the town, with the preferred beach management scheme consisting of adding a new rock groyne on East Beach and importing new shingle onto Sidmouth Beach, as well as increasing the height of the splash wall on the seafront.

But around £1m still needs to be found to fund the scheme and with construction at least two years away, Cllr Hughes said that something needs to be done now and called for emergency action to be taken.

The preferred Beach Management Scheme aims to maintain the 1990’s Sidmouth Coastal Defence Scheme Standard of Service and reduce the rate of beach and cliff erosion to the east of the River Sid. The plans would not stop cliff falls but would reduce the erosion from the toe of the cliffs, which would reduce the erosion rates.

Costs for construction of the scheme are estimated at £8.9million, with around £1 million still needed to be found.

Previous plans included a rock revetment on East Beach, but were recommended for refusal by the Local Planning Authority and subsequently withdrawn by the applicants on two previous occasions, most recently in 2011, due to the objections from multiple agencies including Natural England, the Environment Agency, the Jurassic Coast Team and the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

But Cllr Hughes said that some emergency action may need to be taken, for which planning permission is not required, which could include filling the cave that appeared and putting some sort of revetment in place to protect the cliffs.


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This photo was taken seven years ago:

The Watch on watch
Sidmouth’s Fire Service’s crew survey recent cliff falls at Pennington Point on the River Sid.
Heavy December rain across the South West has resulted in widespread flooding and land slides.