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Beach Management Plan: splash barrier and sea level rises

  • by JW

By 2100 relative sea level could have risen by as much as 80 cm around some parts of the UK coast


The next BMP steering group meeting will be happening on 6th March – with plenty to discuss:

Beach Management Plan: funding latest: bridging the gap: reports

Beach Management Plan: trialing a glass splash barrier: reports

Beach Management Plan: EDDC FAQs updated


There has been a lot of interest in the splash barrier:

Another test passed as Sidmouth ‘glass sea wall’ survives Storm Dennis |

Sidmouth Beach Management Plan: Glass panel test wall survives two storms |


With a comment from the Sidmouth Community Facebook pages:


In view of the animated discussions regarding the Beach Management Plan and flood defenses, I note that Mr Jung, who is labelled as “portfolio holder for the Environment at East Devon District Council” is quoting a sea level rise of 1m by the end of the century I have not been able to find out if Cllr Jung has any technical qualifications and is able to substantiate this figure . Can anyone advise plse.

4 hrs

Sidmouth Community


And some helpful answers have been provided in the form of websites to go to:

Climate Change: Global Sea Level |

New elevation data triple estimates of global vulnerability to sea-level rise and coastal flooding |


With more precise forecasting here:


Sea level rise in the UK

Sea level rise relative to the land is the combination of absolute sea level rise and vertical land movements. By 2100 relative sea level could have risen by as much as 80 cm around some parts of the UK coast (4).

Coastal flood risk United Kingdom |


However, looking at the mapping for the UK, Sidmouth will not be nearly as badly affected as other coastal areas:

FireTree Flood app

… whatever the over-hyped picture from much of the media:

TIDAL TERROR: Sea level ‘doomsday’ simulator reveals if YOUR home would be wiped out by rising oceans |


As Prof Golding stated recently, we need to rely on the science – and need to prepare accordingly:

Climate Change and Sidmouth

A history of climate change


The weather is not the same as climate:

Sidmouth Storm – Feb 2017 | Sidmouth Storm – Feb 2017 | Flickr