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BREAKING: Bristol Airport to expand

  • by JW

“The case against Bristol Airport’s expansion is a bellwether for the future of climate litigation.” [ENDS Report]


In January Bristol Airport was given the go-ahead to increase capacity – but this was immediately challenged: Bristol Airport to expand – Vision Group for Sidmouth

And this struggle has been going on for years now: Rethinking flying – Vision Group for Sidmouth

The airport authorities claim it will be ‘carbon neutral’: Carbon Roadmap | Bristol Airport

But many would question that:

Writes Anton Coaker in the WMN: “I cannot stand to hear anyone talking about ‘net zero’, or ‘carbon credits’, or ‘carbon trading’. Any of it. Saying you’re going ‘carbon neutral’, while occasionally walking through an airport, or driving a car, or just living in the modern world, is a lie.”  “Net Zero is a lie” – Vision Group for Sidmouth

When does “zero” not mean “zero”? When an oil corporation, bank or airport are greenwashing with their “net-zero carbon” climate action plans, of course... James Dyke [of Exeter University] summed up these plans as “burn now and pay later”. He also passionately argued against the intergenerational injustice this represented – and quoted Bristol Airport’s recent (and, in my opinion, farcical) claim to be “net-zero”, by not including the emissions from flights. “The idea of net zero carbon is a dangerous trap” – this is greenwashing – Vision Group for Sidmouth

News just in is that the legal action against Bristol Airport’s expansion has failed: Appeal against Bristol Airport expansion dismissed by courts – Business Live and Campaigners fighting Bristol Airport expansion plans have appeal dismissed by courts – Bristol Live and Anti-airport expansion group in Bristol loses appeal – BBC News

This is what the group has to say: Local campaigners feel betrayed by appeal decision – BAAN

This is definitely not the end of the runway:

Why the case against Bristol Airport’s expansion is a bellwether for the future of climate litigation: Earlier this year an attempt to halt the expansion of Bristol Airport on climate grounds was quashed in the High Court, but the judge’s opening remarks should give food for thought to any chief executives running a high-emitting company, writes Nina Pindham. [paywall]