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How the e-bike can help decarbonise transport

  • by JW

The onset of the pandemic triggered the biggest cycling uptake in post-war history.


The VGS looked into an e-bike/trike network during the early days of the pandemic:

The Yokler dual- purpose parcel and passenger carrier.

Should Sidmouth have its own e-trike service? Press reports – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Electric cargo bikes are the future – Vision Group for Sidmouth

And in Exmouth it seems to be taking off:

An e-delivery service launches in Exmouth – Vision Group for Sidmouth

The VGS is certainly keen on cycling:

Cycling in Sidmouth: 2021 updates – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Which extends very much to the e-bike:

The electric bike revolution – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Here’s another piece sent in to the VGS on EVs – but this time two-wheelers:

The popularity of biking has seen the biggest uptake in post-war history since the pandemic. With innovative new technology and an increased interest in true carbon impact. In this piece it covers a collection of topics, such as:

  1. The UK’s Net Zero 2050 cycling sustainability target
  2. The growing popularity of cycling
  3. Top cities which commute by bike
  4. The environmental impact of bikes and electric bikes

It provides a range of stats and figures, like:

  1. Transport is the largest contributor to GHG emissions in the UK, responsible for 27% in 2019.
  2. The onset of the pandemic triggered the biggest cycling uptake in post-war history. In 2020, cycling rose by 46%. E-bikes are an incredibly popular segment – 1 in every 5 pounds spent on bicycles are spent on e-bikes.
  3. Manufacturing one e-bike will leave a carbon footprint of 134kg, which is much less than the 5.5 tonnes needed to make just one small hatchback.
  4. If e-bikes replaced car travel, they would have the capability to cut CO2 emissions in England by up to 50%.

Here’s a link to the piece :

The Role of E-Bikes in Decarbonising Transportation

With thanks to The Bike Storage Company for the research they commissioned.