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Natural flood management in North Devon

  • by JW

“The first community-led reintroduction of beavers on a landscape scale.”


We’ve had the ‘accidental’ reintroduction of beavers:

On the River Otter: beavers here to stay – Vision Group for Sidmouth

And their introduction into cities, also in Devon:

Urban rewilding in Devon – Vision Group for Sidmouth

We now have another first for the UK – again in Devon – with “the first community-led reintroduction of beavers on a landscape scale”:

Adrian has a big idea. His home of Braunton, a village in North Devon, has a problem with flooding. Over the last decade he has seen it get worse. The village flooded badly in 2012 just after a million pound flood defence scheme was completed, and there was more flooding in 2016. Braunton has since had those defences upgraded, but more work is needed further up the valley. Instead of more expensive schemes, Adrian has an alternative solution – bringing back beavers to do the work for them…

BBC Radio 4 – Costing the Earth, Beaver Town

Adrian Bryant, a Braunton Parish Councillor, has been leading on consulting landowners and other key stakeholders about the introduction of beavers on the Caen Catchment. Adrian is also a founding member of Braunton Regen a local climate action group.

He’s been very busy – and is clearly making headway:

Braunton – Can Beavers Help With Natural Flood Management? – Braunton Countryside Centre

Caen Catchment Beaver Partnership Update From Adrian Bryant – Braunton Countryside Centre

With more general information on beavers’ contribution to flood defences:

The environmental impact of beaver reintroductions – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Natural Flood Management in East Devon – Vision Group for Sidmouth