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21 December 2008      Design and Development Brief for the Eastern Town area   Latest Developments from the Port Royal & Seafront Group
21 September 2008     Transition Town Status   Congratulations to the Sustainable Sidmouth Group for a great break-through this week.
21 September 2008     Transport & Traffic News   News from the Transport & Traffic Action Group
21 September 2008     Cycling News   News from Sidmouth Cycling Action Group
21 September 2008     Energy News   News from the Sid Vale Energy Action Group
21 September 2008     Esplanade Shelters   Graham Cooper and Brian Golding have plans to do something ‘visionary’ with the shelters under the cricket ground at the Western Pavilions. (Archive entry reads ‘A formal proposal will be put to the full membership for consideration on the 24th – as to whether we should take this project on with the Town Council.’)
21 September 2008     Port Royal   News from the Port Royal Action Group
21 September 2008     Cliff Erosion   News from the Sidmouth Seafront Action Group
21 September 2008     Boundary Commission   Another formal proposal we’ll be taking to the meeting of the 24th (Archive entry reads with regard to the thorny issue of the Boundary Commission’s recommendations.
Rita Hedley has already carried out considerable research and will be doing more over the next couple of weeks.
The main concern is that the scope and powers of the proposed local ‘Boards’ are not at all clear: they must be clarified before any reasonable decisions can be made or opinions given. We will be writing to the Commission in due course.’)
There are no further entries for this year in the archives