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28 November 2016   Community Tree Nursery   Friends of The Byes are now working to establish a community tree nursery

10 November 2016   VGS Futures Forum – comment on Knowle planning application    – re the latest documents submitted by the developer

02 November 2016   The Vision Group has completed its ‘special interest group’ form

30 September 2016  BREAKING NEWS >>> Sidford business park > Fords planning application >>> 16/0669/MOUT >>> REFUSED   after weeks and years of planning and campaigning

16 September 2016  VGS Futures Forum – comment on additions to Sidford planning application   Today was the final day for submissions on the latest plans for the business park at Sidford

28 August 2016        Sidmouth becomes a Fairtrade Town   Fairtrade status awarded

14 August 2016        Beach Management Plan: minutes from FF VGS meeting of 8th August   called to discuss the issues among Sidmouth stakeholders before the full meeting of the BMP on 17th August

13 August 2016        Beach Management Plan: Local stakeholders welcome project consultant’s report   >>> Options S4 and S4b “technically preferred”

31 July 2016             Knowle relocation project >>> Freedom of Information requests   There are several on-going FOI requests outstanding with regard to the East Devon District Council’s plans to move from Sidmouth

31 July 2016            ProgrExit and the Transition Town movement   There was no ‘official’ TT response to the EU referendum – but some positive ideas have emerged since…

03 July 2016            Beach Management Plan: fill in the feedback form by Tuesday 5th July to chose the best option to protect Sidmouth’s Eastern Beach   “It is very important to get comments in: the public is in a very strong position to comment on which option it believes will deliver the best seafront for the town – and DEFRA will take that into consideration.”

30 June 2016           Plans for Port Royal and the Eastern Town >>> >>> architecture competition to re-imagine Port Royal >>>    public invited to chose from a shortlist of five >>> >>> deadline Tuesday 12th July

14 June 2016           VGS Futures Forum – final comment on Knowle planning application   Midday on Wednesday 15th June is the deadline for comments from the public on the latest planning application

11 June 2016           Climate change: carbon negative   Now it’s not really about going ‘carbon neutral’…

10 June 2016           VGS Futures Forum – final comment on Sidford planning application   Amended from the provisional comment from earlier this month.

31 May 2016           VGS Futures Forum – comment on Knowle planning application   Following the rejection by the planning committee of an appication to build on the site of Knowle in 2013, there has been a further application.

28 April 2016            Beach Management Plan:    latest – compiling a short list of options

01 February 2016      Sidmouth Beach Management Plan   Your views on potential solutions would be appreciated

15 January 2016        Sidmouth Beach Management Plan >>>    considering the consultants’ proposals >>> full report

05 January 2016        Plans for Port Royal and the Eastern Town   ARCHITECTURE COMPETITION LAUNCHED


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