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Support your local small business

  • by JW

What can we do to help the backbone of the local economy?


We need to be looking after our local providers:

Support your local farmer

Support your local newspaper

Support your local pub! Enjoy a take-away!


We can support local shops which are still open:

Shop local!


But there will be small, independent businesses which are not so visible but are still trying to operate.


They are able to apply for help from the government and the banks:

Financial help and resilience: a guide for all

But this is not enough – as a meeting between Sidmouth’s MP and the Chamber last week showed:

Support for Sidmouth business


So, what can we do to help the backbone of the local economy?


Many businesses are still operating by phone or on-line, for example:

Paragon Books


Here are a couple of directories of local businesses:

Directory of Members |

Sidmouth Business Directory |


And here are a few suggestions out there on what we can do:



Shop locally – both on and offline 

Many small businesses that do not typically offer online ordering are starting to test the waters, so check to see if this is something the places you frequently shop with are doing.

Buy gift cards

Buying a gift card from a local business and saving it to use in the future is an immediate way to put cash into your favourite shop, salon, theatre or restaurant while also limiting interactions and non-essential services such as packing, shipping and delivery, which may require a person to go to work or come into contact with others unnecessarily.

Order takeaway food and drink

While many local restaurants have opted to close their doors completely, a number are still open for takeaway and delivery, including spots that did not provide that service before the outbreak.

Tip more than usual 

If you do decide to order takeaway goods from a local restaurant or bar, consider being a little more generous than usual if your income allows.

Leave good reviews

If you are financially unable to support a local business, there are plenty of other ways you can help such as following them on social media and leaving great reviews online.

Avoid refunds and postpone instead of cancelling

While you may have the consumer right to ask for a full refund following the cancellation of an event, one way to support a local business during the coronavirus outbreak is to see what other options they can offer.

Take part in online classes

From yoga workouts and dance classes to creative writing and singing, there are many classes you can opt to take part in online, so if a local business offers this option, take it.