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Vision Group proposal to Town Council for funding 17th June

The VGS sends in a bid for finance towards a feasibility study for the Sidmouth to Bowd/Feniton cycle track.
To the Town Clerk:
In the latest publication from Locality, at the heart of their “roadmap” for Neighbourhood Plans [] is the section on Sustainable Development, which will be the theme of the upcoming VGS AGM. At the top of that list is “Encouraging and requiring mixed transport provision, including accessible pub transport, cycle facilities and safe and convenient pedestrian routes.” [see also Vision Group for Sidmouth – Neighbourhood Plan sustainable development] The proposed cycle programmes for Sidmouth are precisely about “mixed transport provision”.

DCC Cllr Stuart Hughes has been considering cycle programmes for some time and as Highways portfolio holder has been able to give impetus and guidance. Furthermore, he will be establishing a round table to establish a comprehensive Sidmouth Traffic Management Plan. We understand that this group will look at the Sidmouth to Bowd section of the Feniton cycle route, along with other cycleway links in and around Sidmouth and how these will link in with other routes.

Furthermore, we understand from the Futures Forum contacts and meeting with DCC Officer Zsolt Schuller [Vision Group for Sidmouth – Meeting of 20th May] that a series of steps will need to be undertaken before DCC can give high priority to this main route in their next round of funding.

The Vision Group for Sidmouth would, therefore, urge that the S106 funds be spent to ‘pump start’ the Sidmouth to Bowd/Feniton cycle-path/walkway. The VGS would propose that the monies be used to finance a feasibility study, early mapping exercises and other preliminary undertakings – which would be necessary to determine the priority of this route and its place in the next phase of DCC planning.

We understand that the Sid Vale Association’s Keith Owen Fund would be willing to consider joint funding of any such feasibility studies for the Sidmouth to Bowd section of the Feniton cycle route. We have been in contact with the KOF to confirm this.


STC has £150k to put towards sport in Sidmouth. VGS will be requesting it be spent on the Feniton cycle route. Report is from the View from Sidmouth.

15th May 2013

SIDMOUTH: How would you spend £150,000?

Council money available for sport provision in town

EAST Devon District Council is inviting all Sidmouth, Sidbury and Sidford’s residents, voluntary and community groups and other organisations to send their ideas to Sidmouth Town Council on how £150,000 can be spent on sport provision in the area.

The funds available have been accumulated by East Devon District Council from recent housing developments in the parish of Sidmouth (Section 106 money). It is now decision time for the residents on how this money is spent.

Sidmouth Town Council is urging individuals as well as voluntary and community groups and other organisations, especially sports and recreation groups, to submit proposals for projects they would like to undertake.

The ideas can include all sorts of outdoor sports proposals from BMX tracks, skate parks, basketball courts or an outdoor gym to a cricket or football pitch. It could be for new facilities or to improve existing facilities such as pitch resurfacing. It must be for permanently sited recreation equipment, and not for equipment like cricket bats or tennis rackets.

Open and accessible

The money could be spent on pitches, courts, lawns, greens, and tracks and training areas.

Once installed, the recreation facilities or equipment must be open and accessible to the whole community.

Funding cannot be spent on buildings, indoor facilities, professional sports grounds or golf courses.

If you are not sure if your project would be eligible you can find out by contacting East Devon District Council’s Community Engagement and Funding Officer on (01395) 517569.

All proposals must be submitted to Sidmouth Town Council by Friday June 28th 2013 at the latest. Yu need to send your name, the name of your group (if you have one), your contact details, information on what your proposal is and an estimate of how much funding you want to apply for.

Your proposal could just be an idea – it does not need to be a worked up project.

Please send the information to Sidmouth Town Council by e-mail at or hand it in to the council offices at Woolcombe House, or post it to Sidmouth Town Clerk, Sidmouth Town Council, Woolcombe House, Woolcombe Lane, Sidmouth, EX10 9BB.

Please make sure it is clearly marked “Sports Money Idea”.

Once the town council has received the proposals, Sidmouth residents will be given a chance to look at all the ideas and vote on them. The projects receiving the most votes will be given a share of the money.

Councillor Andrew Moulding, EDDC Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Strategic Development and Partnerships, said: “We are keen to see ideas coming forward from within the community as to how to use £150,000 available for sport-related projects. This is available from S106 money from development.

“In these days of austerity it is a pleasure to be able to say that there is some money available for investment in Sidmouth’s community and this is an opportunity to ask people how they think it should be used.”

Councillor John Hollick, Chairman of Sidmouth Town Council, said: “There have been new homes built in Sidmouth which, as well as bringing much-needed housing, has also resulted in us benefiting from this money from developers.

“It is good that EDDC are committed to working with us to make sure that local people have their say about where it gets spent. We hope that as many people as possible will send us their ideas”.


September Otter Valley Cycleway


July    Devon Cycling Strategy

County council moves on with cycling strategy  Sidmouth Herald report

A vision for the future of cycling in Devon has gone before Devon County Council’s Cabinet earlier this week.

Councillors are being recommended to confirm their commitment to cycling by supporting the key priorities and future proposals of the Devon Cycling Strategy.

More than £13million has been invested in Devon’s cycle network by Devon County Council over the past three years. This has helped to fund schemes on the Exe Estuary Trail, Gem Bridge near Tavistock, Redhayes Bridge over the M5, the Town Quay Connect 2 bridge in Newton Abbot and connecting paths to Kingsteignton, phase one of the Wray Valley Trail, and a section of the Stop Line Way from Kilmington to Axminster.

The Devon Cycling Strategy will plan for continued investment over the next five years. Consultation on the document is due to start later this month to enable the public and relevant bodies to contribute to the aims of the strategy before it is published later this year.

Its key purpose will be to get more people cycling and its initial priorities will be to:

• Provide a high quality, accessible cycle network, with improved facilities for cyclists.

• Give comprehensive information on cycling.

• Inspire people to take up cycling by promoting its benefits.

• Provide cycle training and enhance cycle safety.

With a 15 per cent increase in cycle trips across Devon, and 40 per cent growth in Exeter, over the past five years, the strategy will target a further 20 per cent increase in cycle trips in identified areas outside of Exeter over the next five years.

The council is already investing £13.9million on cycle infrastructure to 2015, supplemented with additional funding through the Local Sustainable Transport Fund, developer contributions and other grants. The draft programme of schemes includes links from Sidford to Sidbury, Knowle to Willingcott in Barnstaple and Newton Abbot to Torbay and Bovey Tracey.

It is estimated that a further £5 million will be needed in 2015/16 and 2016/17 to support the development of infrastructure up until 2017.

The Cabinet report highlights cycling’s positive impact on the county’s economy – with Devon recognised as a prime destination for cycling holidays and breaks.


Vision Group meets key players on cycling

On Monday 20th May VGS considered Devon’s Cycling Strategy and the proposed cycle routes to Feniton and Sidbury

The Vision Group’s Futures Forum has met with key players to hammer out where cycling projects in the valley and beyond are headed.
Last Monday, the Forum’s chair Robert Crick welcomed the County’s Sustainable Transport Officer Zsolt Schuller to a meeting at the Anchor Inn.
Mr Schuller is currently working on the Devon Cycling Strategy – and meetings such as this will help take local projects forward.
“Investment for cycling will continue in Devon for 2012-15,” he said.
Peter Grainger from Sustrans confirmed that the national cycling group was working with the County on the Sidmouth to Feniton route, which would follow the old railway track, and hoped to have plans in place by the end of the year.
He was able to reassure a resident that plans to take the cycle route through Bulverton Rd should be “taken with a pinch of salt”, though, as the maps were out of date.
In answer to a question from Dave Bramley, chair of the Vision Group, about the management of the project, Mr Grainger said, “I will clarify the position with Sustrans lottery funding for a scoping study in time for the Tour of Britain.”
Jo Elliot, chair of the Otter Trail who have been working with Sustrans, had brought along students Edmund, Harry and Lawrence from the King’s School in Ottery – who have also been campaigning for the Sidmouth to Feniton route.
County Councillor Stuart Hughes, responsible for transport, said, “We have already done some considerable work towards cycling schemes in and around Sidmouth, and the Sidmouth to Feniton route is one that I hope to see progress in the next tranche of schemes from 2015-17.”
He was also able to reassure the meeting that things were likewise moving with the Sidford to Sidbury cycle route and walkway.
County Councillor Christine Channon of Buddleigh and Newton Poppleford Parish Council chair Mark Sanders were also interested in the possibility of a link route from Otterton to Ottery.
And newly-elected Sidmouth Town Council chair John Hollick, together with his deputy Geoff Turner, spoke further about the £150,000 promised by the District Council for sport in Sidmouth (see last week’s Herald).
He said that much of the funding could go on cycling projects.
“It is good that EDDC are committed to working with us to make sure that local people have their say about where it gets spent,” he said.
“We hope that as many people as possible will send us their ideas.”
The SVA’s Keith Owen Fund secretary Barry Jones was also on hand, as the SVA are also very interested in cycling projects in the valley.
And finally, members of the public are clearly looking forward to the Tour of Britain coming to Sidmouth in September – “a great opportunity for Sidmouth and for cycling,” as one said.
“I enjoyed the lively debate,” said Peter Grainger of Sustrans at the end of a busy evening.

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